02/01/2012 04:16 pm ET

Cats Learns Boxing On TV: Let The Cat/Boxer Name Puns Begin (VIDEO)

Look, we could sit here all day and pretend that this video needs an introduction, but really the title says it all. Cats are learning how to box, people. One televised boxing match and unoccupied armchair at a time.

While watching this cat jab at an imaginary opponent is highly hilarious, the really great thing about this video is the slew of cat/boxer name puns that come to mind. For your convenience, we've compiled a short list:

  • Meowhammad Ali
  • George Furman
  • Whisker de la Hoya
  • Evanpurr Holyfield
  • Floyd Meoweather
  • Rocky Mouseiano

Leave yours in the comments (because why not?).

Via The High Definite