02/07/2012 05:23 pm ET

Celebrity Couples: Dating Tips From Your Favorite Young Stars!

We have to admit -- when a video recently surfaced of our favorite Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell, breaking down in tears when fiance Dax Shepard gave her a sloth for her birthday, we thought it was the most oddly adorable thing we'd ever seen. This unusual show of love got us thinking about how the rest of our favorite celebrity pairs share their affection!

So in the spirit of Valentine's Day next week, we decided to look to some of our favorite stars to see how they enjoy spending time with their siggos (and to get some new dating ideas!). Even if you can't go all-out like the Biebs did when he held a private screening of Titanic for Selena, you can still create your own memorable evening with a classic romantic film and a home-cooked dinner. Or if you're looking for something more fast-paced, take a cue from Nina Dobrev and Ian Somelhandler and head to a basketball game together.

What's your dating style? Which of these celeb dates sounds the most fun to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!



Celeb Dating Style