02/01/2012 03:00 pm ET

Vineyard Vines Occupy T-Shirt Appears To Mock Protest Movement

A preppy clothing company has released a t-shirt that seems to openly ridicule the Occupy movement.

Vineyard Vines, as the Washington Post explains, markets its clothing to "those who use 'summer' as a verb, as in, 'I summer on Martha's Vineyard.'"

The t-shirt is apparently a hit and has already sold out, the company told the Post.

But the shirt's message, which features protest signs on a beach that read "more ice for the cooler" and "more time on the water," would appear to be mocking the Occupy movement's messages about inequality and corporate greed.

A company representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

But in a message sent to the Washington Post, Vineyard Vines founders Shep and Ian Murray said, "As businessmen, we understand the severity of the economic climate and its impact on the industry. However, by nature we are lighthearted and never take ourselves too seriously."

The Gloss has a blistering critique of the t-shirts which includes this insight:

Whatever you think of the OWS movement, you have to admit that the issues they’re addressing are very real and serious: poverty, lack of jobs, lack of access to healthcare, and a lack of proper safeguards against investment banks screwing up the economy, to name a few. People are actually dying because of some of these things. To make light of this on a t-shirt meant to be worn by members of the monied classes seems like rubbing it in unnecessarily. A “let them eat cake” moment, if you will.

Stylite points out that the Vineyard Vines controversy is at least the second t-shirt related argle-bargle associated with Occupy.

Last November, Jay-Z got heat for his Occupy shirts because, though they were intended to support the protest, the profits reportedly did not go to support the movement.