02/02/2012 06:23 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2012

'Descendants' Star George Clooney Talks Playing Matt King

George Clooney didn't take the role of Matt King in "The Descendants" because he knew it would earn him an Oscar nod -- he took it because it was challenging.

"It started with tucking the Hawaiian shirt into the khakis and then pulling the khakis up to your armpits," Clooney joked of his "Descendants" doubts to Entertainment Weekly.

But the actor had worries about taking on the role that went beyond his tropical outfit.

"I'd always played characters that were fairly confident and then found out later that they were f***ups," Clooney continued. "But this guy was a f***up from day one... he loses arguments to 10-year-olds. I just thought he would be interesting and very different to play."

As for the recognition the role got him, Clooney claims it's just part of the business.

"I am a fan of movies. And so my job is to try to make films that last longer than an opening weekend," Clooney told Brian Williams on "Rock Center." "And then if someone's nice to you at the end of the year -- and they've been nice and they've been mean -- my job is to try to make films that I think are entertaining."

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