02/02/2012 09:01 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2012

Lev Grossman And Others Provide Writing Prompts To Inspire You

Our friends at the online literary community Figment, have launched Figment Daily Themes, a free email service designed to help subscribers get into the habit of writing a little bit every day.

Each weekday morning, participants receive a carefully crafted writing prompt focused on a different element of craft, including character, setting, dialogue, essay, verse, and more. For added inspiration, acclaimed authors offer occasional prompts—upcoming contributors will apparently include Judy Blume, Kurt Anderson, Jeanette Winterson, Susan Orlean, Dana Goodyear, and Nathan Englander.

We asked them to put together some of their favorite writing prompts, including a few from some famous names, to help inspire our readers.

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Figment writing prompts