02/03/2012 01:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

dj BC's Philip Glass Mashups, And The Merger Of Rap And Instrumental Music (VIDEO)

It's Philip Glass day every day over at the Village Voice this month, where the Sound of the City blog is running a daily feature on the composer to mark his 75th birthday. Throughout his career, Glass has proven to be a ready collaborator, and Steven Trasher's piece for the Voice today explores another side of this relationship -- the rogue mashup artist using Glass' work in a time when mashups were a questionable art form. In an interview with dj BC, whose album, Glassbreaks, mashes up Glass' music with the likes of The Beastie Boys, Kanye West and The Fugees, the artist discusses his run-ins with Glass, and the happy marriage of hip hop and instrumental music.

Rapper Drumma Boy also addressed the seemingly strange bedfellows of hip hop and classical in a HuffPost blog this week: "The unexpected merger of dueling techniques and sounds never fails to produce something unique -- and the cadence embedded within the folds of my favorite composer's art inspires me to delve deeper and create outside of the box. From his 3rd symphony (Eroica), to his 5th symphony (Symphony No. 5 in C minor), I find my true, kindred spirit lives within the music of Ludwig van Beethoven."

dj BC sees this thread between hip hop and Glass' music in particular, noting that "Kanye's stuff, some other hip-hop coming out, a lot of it has influence in things that Glass did." As for dj BC's mashups, well, they ran into some trouble. Click over to the Village Voice to read about dj BC's run-ins with Glass, why he was asked to take Glassbreaks off the internet and more of his Glass-sampling music.

Listen to dj BC's mashup of The Beastie Boys' "Pass The Mic" with Glass's "Einstein on the Beach," titled "Einstein on the Beast":