02/03/2012 01:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Laura Shoop Photoshops Father Into Brother's Wedding Pictures (PHOTOS)

Just days before Brian Shoop's wedding, his dad was taken to the hospital. Unable to get out in time, George Shoop missed his son's big day.

But thanks to daughter Laura's photoshop skills, he's still a big part of the memories.

Laura photoshopped her father into the professional pictures of Brian's wedding. But these aren't photos of George Shoop in a tuxedo next to the wedding party. Instead, it's something of a virtual photo bomb. There's George in hunting attire (with a fallen deer) next to the dancing couple, there's one of him lounging in a blow-up pool as the bride and groom kiss and one of him in a giant sombrero during dinner.

The pictures were an enormous hit on Reddit, getting thousands of hits in just hours.

"My sister and I had no idea these pictures would get so many views and evoke so many positive feelings from so many people," Shoop told ABC News. "It's quite humbling, honestly."

George had acute cellulitis on his lower leg, but has made a full recovery, according to Reddit. Now, he's just excited to share his new pictures with family and friends.

"It was really funny seeing his reaction. ...[My dad] loves it," Shoop said. "He laughed, just nonstop."