02/03/2012 07:43 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell: Donald Trump Is 'America's Biggest Loser' (VIDEO)

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It happens like clockwork: Donald Trump embarks on a new foray into the political world, and Lawrence O'Donnell cheerfully denounces him on the air. On Thursday, Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for president, and so O'Donnell held up his end of the bargain and opened his show by saying this about the real estate tycoon/NBC reality star/world's most famous birther:

"America's biggest loser Donald Trump did a promotional appearance for his TV series in which he pretends to fire people for your entertainment. Joining him on the stage in a Las Vegas casino was a real rich guy who is famous for saying that he too likes to fire people."

Trump's every move seems to spur journalists and pundits to colorful new heights (witness the New York Times article that described Ann Romney as appearing "on the verge of either laughter or terror during the whole show" on Thursday) but O'Donnell has long since carved out a berth for himself as Trump's most happily vituperative critic. On Thursday, he used some of his favorite themes about his fellow Comcast employee -- namely, that he is a "lying vulgarian" who inflates his wealth and embarks on garish rounds of self-promotion in order to boost the ratings for his show.

"Unlike Mitt Romney, Donald Trump still has to work for a living," O'Donnell said. He also said that Greta Van Susteren was going to be nominated for "Best Actress in a Primetime Cable News Show" for keeping a straight face while Trump was telling her he might still run for president, and analyzed the equally stiff poker face Sean Hannity displayed during a different interview.

"He has to know that Trump is lying to him," he said. "There's no way Sean Hannity...could be so stupid as to believe a word Donald Trump is saying."

O'Donnell closed by saying that Trump "is not smart enough" to run for president, and does not have the "courage" or, most importantly, the cash to "blow" on a run he is sure to lose. Now all that's left is for the two to engage in another Twitter feud.



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