02/03/2012 01:19 pm ET Updated Feb 03, 2012

Other Press, Beacon Press Create Nerdy Super Bowl Wager

In perhaps the nerdiest Super Bowl bet yet, small independent book publishers Beacon Press (of Boston) and Other Press (of New York) have made a wager similar to that of famous art museums last year, in which the publisher based in the losing city will "will promote two of the other publisher’s titles for a week on the web, featuring the two titles on their web site and promoting the titles across social media platforms."

However, the winning publisher doesn't get away lightly - they must also promise to give away books to the winners of a prize draw that can be entered on this page.

The wager was apparently born at a dinner during the Digital Book World Conference last month. It is not clear if alcohol was involved.

Either way, the geeky trash talk has already begun.

“I think it’s great that Beacon is basically volunteering to do my job for me for a week,” said Other Press's manager of online publicity in a press release, adding, “Maybe I’ll take a vacation."

Beacon Press has so far responded succinctly, via Twitter: "@otherpress. It is ON!"

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