02/04/2012 07:04 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

Nevada Exit Polls Show Mitt Romney Ahead

The Nevada entrance poll tabulations that have just been published to CNN's website are weighted to the network's best estimate, at this hour, of the outcome of the Nevada Caucus vote. According to HuffPost's extrapolation from the subgroup results, Mitt Romney is leading with 55 percent of the vote, Gingrich at 19.5 percent, Ron Paul at 19 percent and Rick Santorum a distant fourth at 7 percent.

At this stage in the evening, the networks' underlying estimate is typically based on a blend of the actual exit poll interviews and an average of pre-election polls, but in this case, the interviewers that help conduct the entrance poll have been able to obtain actual results from many of the sampled caucus precincts. So the current estimate should be reasonably accurate.

Either way, Mitt Romney appears headed for a huge victory in Nevada. The only real drama is likely to be in the race for second place.