02/04/2012 07:53 pm ET

Rudy Fernandez Flop: Matt Barnes Called For Offensive Foul As Nuggets Player Pretends (VIDEO)

Watch out Chris Bosh, you have some competition when it comes to best leading actor in an NBA flop.

The Nuggets got some help from the refs in the fourth quarter of Friday night's game against the Lakers when Matt Barnes swung his elbows and nailed Denver's Rudy Fernandez in the face. Or did he?

The footage makes it clear that Barnes didn't even touch Fernandez, who jerked his head back and acted like he was blatantly hit. Upon closer inspection, he was blatantly faking it and then went on to argue (along with a fan sitting court side) for the call.

To be fair, the referee had a bad angle on the play. But that probably won't stop Jeff Van Gundy and Hubie Brown (and perhaps a large amount of NBA fans) from complaining that flopping is detrimental to the game.

Either way, the Lakers were able to overcome the flop and win 93-89.