02/04/2012 02:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sh*t Lakers & Clippers Fans Say (VIDEO)

We all know the stereotypes. Hardcore Lakers fans light things on fire when the team wins a championship. Hardcore Clippers fans are perpetually depressed because they've never had a chance to destroy anything except their expectations. Here's something they have in common: both groups get their own version of the "Sh*t People Say" meme, and neither come out smelling like roses.

The Lakers are riding high on 16 league championships, so the fans on "Stuff Laker Fans Say," are bombastic and entitled. They defend Kobe against rape accusations, express nostalgia for the Zen Master and shove a Lamar Odom jersey to the back of their closet. The money quotes: "Derek Fisher's so old. RETIRE!" and "We should trade Luke Walton for..." anyone.


Just like the franchise and its fans, the "Sh*t Clippers Fans Say" video is a little pathetic because it's so hopeful. The fan swings from unbridled optimism ("This is our year! We've got CP3!") to fatalism ("This franchise is so cursed"). And, as true Clipper fandom requires, the video is shot through with a strong dose of hate for Kobe and all other "fakers."


Of course, the tables could turn for both sets of fans this year. With a couple of power trades and a strong start to the season, the oft-maligned Los Angeles Clippers have transformed into "Lob City" -- while the Lakers are looking old, tired and frustrated on the road.

For the sake of the All-Star game, expect these two sets of cultish fans to come together for one night. Four of the Western Conference's starters come from LA: Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum from the Lakers, and Chris Paul and Blake Griffin from the Clippers. But don't expect the kumbayas to last for long; both teams are gunning for the playoffs, and only one can represent the West in the NBA finals.