02/05/2012 06:32 pm ET Updated Feb 14, 2012

Animal Photos Of The Week

If cats are your favorite cute animal, be sure to check out our slideshow of sleeping cats and submit your own picture.

One of the cutest cats around might be Harold, a black and white cat from Washington, D.C., whose owners regularly walk him with a leash.

In other animal news, scientists have discovered "supergiant" prawns 4 miles below the surface near New Zealand. Check out the images here.

Legislation has been introduced to regulate exotic animals in Ohio. The legislation, which was introduced in response to last year's exotic animal massacre, "would ban the purchase of lions, bears and other exotic animals, but current owners of the dangerous wildlife would be allowed to keep them as pets if they meet strict new requirements," according to the Associated Press.

Bad new for Puerto Rico's iguanas -- the government announced they will soon begin killing iguanas and exporting their meat "in hopes of eradicating an imported species that has long vexed residents and entertained tourists," according to AP.

Below, check out some of our favorite animal pictures from around the world this week.

Animals Of The Week 2/4/12


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