02/06/2012 08:32 am ET

Celebrity Kids: Famous Moms, Dads And Their Offspring

Jennifer Garner may look as though she's ready to give birth to her third child any day now, but she's certainly not shirking her current mommy duties. The actress was spotted holding her belly as she watched daughters Violet and Seraphina play on the Santa Monica beach over the weekend.

But Garner isn't the only mommy who manages to juggle a busy home life and a successful career. From singer and designer Gwen Stefani's fishing trip with husband Gavin Rossale and kids to Angelina Jolie's brood thanking mom for a day of toy shopping, these little ones may be tabloid fodder before they hit kindergarten, but they still need mom's attention.

Although all of these celebrity little ones, no doubt, have the paparazzi saying "aww," no one has Hollywood eating out of their tiny hand like Suri Cruise -- that is, until Blue Ivy Carter shows her face.

Celebrity Kids: Out And About