02/05/2012 07:33 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

'John Carter' Super Bowl Trailer: Taylor Kitsch, 'Kashmir' And Aliens (VIDEO)

Whether "John Carter" ends up being the start of the next big Disney franchise, or a washout along the lines of "Sucker Punch" remains to be seen, but at least the trailers are fun.

The latest marketing for "Carter" arrived during Super Bowl XLVI in the most manly way possible: with Tim Riggins Taylor Kitsch swinging a boulder and a remix of Led Zepplin's "Kashmir" blasting on the soundtrack. If you can get past the silly way co-star Lynn Collins says "John Carter," this one has the potential to be pretty cool. After all, it looks like a mix of "Star Wars" and "Avatar"; might as well steal sci-fi tropes from two of the best!

Out in theaters on March 9, "John Carter" stars Kitsch, Collins and Willem Dafoe. Watch the Super Bowl spot above.