02/05/2012 03:27 am ET

Kevin Love Stomps On Luis Scola's Face During Timberwolves-Rockets Game (VIDEO)

Here's something we haven't seen from Kevin Love -- a possible dirty play. In the middle of Minnesota's 100-91 win over Houston on Saturday night -- in which Love had 25 points and 18 rebounds -- the T-Wolves' star and Rockets forward Luis Scola got tangled up underneath the basket. Scola hit the ground hard as Ricky Rubio grabbed the defensive rebound. Love stepped over Scola before jogging back on offense, err, maybe I should say stepped on.

Love appeared to stomp on Scola's face and the refs somehow didn't call a foul. reporter Jason Friedman reported that Love went into the Rockets locker room after the game and personally apologized to Scola. He also denied stepping on Scola on purpose, saying "I fell down, he was kind of right there, I got size 19 feet, he just happened to be there."

Despite Love's explanation, the incident may have been perceived as payback for Scola nailing Love in the groin with the ball last week. Love even touched on last week's incident during his explanation of the stomp.

"I got kind of tripped up," he said. "It happened to be his face, just like in Houston where it happened to be my groin."

Do you think Love intentionally stomped on Scola?