02/06/2012 12:22 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2012

BBC Sneaks Into Homs For Harrowing Footage Of Syrian Uprising (VIDEO)

A BBC team was smuggled into the city of Homs for exclusive footage of the bloody war between Syrian troops and rebel fighters.

Syria is notoriously dangerous for journalists, and foreign reporters have been banned by Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. The BBC team entered Homs -- a center of resistance against the Syrian regime -- on an extremely dangerous mission to report on an attack from government forces.

The team captured footage of fire, bombed buildings, and the wounded laying in mosques. Correspondent Paul Wood described "a relentless artillery mortar tank heavy machine gun attack over night."

The team also followed members of the Free Syria army as they attacked a government base outside of Homs. Wood and the other members of his team were just a few feet behind the fighters during the gunfire exchange.



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