02/06/2012 03:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best Jesus Movies: Vote For Your Favorite Jesus In Film (BRACKET)

Jesus has shined many times on the silver screen, with depictions ranging from sacred to silly to scandalous. Oscar season is a great time to re-visit some of the most famous movies about Jesus and ask the question: which movie has the authoritative Jesus?

Is it "The Passion of The Christ," "Jesus Christ Superstar," "The Last Temptation of Christ?" or one of 13 other nominees for Best Jesus In Movies? HuffPost Religion is announcing a four-round bracket challenge to determine just that! Cast your votes for each bracket and we will announce the winner on Feb. 20th.

What do you like about your favorite Jesus movies of the 16 below? Be sure to let us know why in the comments. If your favorite Jesus movie did not make the bracket, tweet to @HuffPostRelig with the hashtag #bestjesusmovie. At the end of the challenge, we will highlight one people's choice movie.

Voting for Round One has now closed. Click here to move to the second round of voting.