02/07/2012 01:57 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2012

'Biggest Loser' Dolvett Quince's Best Advice For Staying Motivated Through The Winter (VIDEO)

With all the layers of winter gear we're wearing and swimsuit season some four months away, it's hard to stay motivated to hit the gym this time of year. (Unless, of course you're one of the Serena Williams of the world.)

But if anyone can drum up some motivation, it's "The Biggest Loser" trainer Dolvett Quince. In his second season on the show, Quince cites his biggest accomplishment as helping one client lose 325 pounds.

Not being a total slacker this winter? We're thinking he can help us manage that.

"The winter months don't remind you that you have to be conscious of your body. It tells you: Let me cover my body. Break out the coats, break out the sweaters and cover," Quince says. "Not only that, when it's cold, we tend to eat more just to keep our body temperature up." That equals a diet full of refined carbs that only end up storing fat.

While it's actually okay to seek out comfort and warmth through food this time of year, there are much healthier ways to do it. "You can find warmth in foods like avocado, quinoa, chicken breast and fish," Quince says. "Eat as if you're on an island and you're seeing snow outside," he recommends.

For Quince, winter is the opportune time to get ahead of the fitness curve. "When everyone else is slacking, workout hard to spring forward," he says.

Here, he shares two high-power exercises to incorporate into your winter routine, from "The Biggest Loser: At-Home Challenge."