02/06/2012 09:36 am ET Updated Feb 06, 2012

Taylor Armstrong Talks Russell Armstrong's Death, 'Hiding From Reality'

Appearing on the "Today" show Monday morning to promote her new book, "Hiding From Reality," Taylor Armstrong shared some very personal scenes from her violent marriage with deceased husband Russell Armstrong. The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star revealed that her initial decision to sign up for the reality show was fueled by a subconscious thought that the 24/7 cameras would provide her and her daughter a degree of safety.

"I thought the cameras would provide some protection," Armstrong explained.

Contrary to reports that Russell was uncomfortable with the reality show's media attention, Taylor explained that he actually "loved seeing his name in the news" and was excited every morning to check his name in a Google search.

But Armstrong's memoir doesn't only focus on her relationship with her husband but also highlights her childhood, during which her mother was a victim of abuse. The reality star remembers standing on her bed as a child wearing blue footy pajamas, pulling her father's hair while he beat her mother -- an experience that no doubt impacted her adult relationship with her alleged physically abusive husband.

But despite the pain that Russell caused in her life, Taylor was clear that she still has love for her deceased husband: "I love him to this day and miss him terribly ... The good times were the best I've ever had and the worst times were the worst I've ever had."

Armstrong's book, "Hiding From Reality", goes on sale today.

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