02/06/2012 09:56 am ET

The Waldorf-Astoria Presidential Suite: A Look At The New York Digs Of Presidents Past (VIDEO)

Until years ago, The Waldorf-Astoria did not allow photography inside its $10,000 a night presidential suite. Realizing that the policy was made moot by cameraphones, however, the hotel allowed The New York Daily News an exclusive look at the luxury digs.

Left behind in the room are artifacts of presidents past--a gold mirror left by Reagan, a wicker chair frequently used by JFK, and wooden desk with carved eagle claw feet donated by Eisenhower.

"No sitting President since 1931 has stayed in any other hotel in New York but the Waldorf," Matt Zolbe, the hotel's sales directions told The News. "We're legendary."

And are the POTUS's polite guests?

"Our President is not a demanding customer," Zolbe said.

"There's been a spouse or two that’s been considered high maintenance -- maybe Reagan."

(No word, however, if Presidents ever had to fight off bedbugs.)

Fore more an the suite, read the full Daily News article here.