02/07/2012 09:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conan's Super Bowl Party Really Got Out Of Hand (VIDEO)

Conan kicked off his first show of the week with a humble congratulations to the New York Giants for winning the Super Bowl (despite being a Patriots fan) but Andy Richter quickly saw right through his facade.

We weren't there, so we can't tell you what really happened, but as Andy remembers it, Conan was filled with rage at his Super Bowl party over the Pats losing and did some pretty outrageous things. That's a far cry from how Conan remembers it -- In his version of things we see only the perfect gentleman and best of sports.

Watch Conan and Andy's Super Bowl "flashbacks" above and, because it's too funny not to include, check out Billy Eichner's "Billy On The Street"-style coverage that he did for Conan from the actual Super Bowl (or as he probably calls it, a criminally short Madonna concert).

WATCH: Billy Eichner's Super Bowl experience