02/07/2012 06:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dogs Against Mitt Romney Protester Pulled Over In Littleton, Colorado, After Officer Sees Toy Dog Strapped To Roof (PHOTO)

In 1983, when Mitt Romney took his family on a 12-hour roadtrip to Canada, he strapped his Irish setter to the roof due to a lack of space inside the station wagon. When the dog 'Seamus' defecated on the roof along the way, Romney coolly pulled over, borrowed a hose to wash both dog and car, and kept driving.

During the 2008 campaign, some heralded the reaction as evidence of Romney's calm emotionless demeanor -- proof he could lead a nation through crises.

Others, however, were outraged. A trove of protest groups sprouted, including 'Dogs Against Romney.' Founded in 2007, the online group gained traction with upwards of 20,000 Facebook friends.

Today, one of the group's members in Littleton, Colorado, strapped a crate to the roof of a car in protest prior to the Colorado caucus. Labeled the "Seamus Express," the stunt attracted attention from Littleton Police who actually believed a dog was in the crate.

Writes Dogs Against Romney:

This image says it all. A Dogs Against Romney Pack Member was stopped by the Littleton, Colorado police yesterday for having a dog crate on the roof of his car. The Pack Member , identified only as 'Oredigger,' was on his way to protest at a Mitt Romney event yesterday when the police officer, believing he was actually transporting a dog on the roof of his car, stopped him.