02/07/2012 06:37 pm ET

Prop 8 Unconstitutional: Gay Marriage Opponents Blame 'Hollywood-Orchestrated Attacks'

California's 2008 ban on gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional on Tuesday by a federal appeals court, and while most of Los Angeles will be out partying tonight, some gay rights opponents are pointing a grouchy finger at Hollywood.

"We are not surprised that this Hollywood-orchestrated attack on marriage -- tried in San Francisco -- turned out this way," said Brian Raum of the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal aid group that helped defend Proposition 8 in court. "But we are confident that the expressed will of the American people in favor of marriage will be upheld at the Supreme Court."

Andy Pugno, general counsel for the coalition, echoed Raum's sentiment in a statement. "With the sponsorship of the Hollywood elite, this lawsuit has been pushed forward as an assault on traditional marriage with the help of a judge who failed to disclose his own long-term homosexual relationship while presiding over a case seeking the legalization of same-sex marriage."

So just who is in this "elite" Hollywood squad that coordinated an "attack" on traditional marriage? They're the people that millions tune into for their afternoon talkshows, the people who star in America's favorite movies, and Top 20 Billboard singers -- just to name a few. Without further ado, we present our favorite Hollywood warriors for gay rights.