02/07/2012 02:14 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2012

Sole And The Skyrider Band Release Futuristic New Video, 'Bad Captain Swag' (VIDEO)

Hip-hop artist Sole has been pushing boundaries in his music and videos for years, he even recently thought he was Ben Bernanke, but the Denver-based artist has really outdone himself in this new video from his Sole And The Skyrider Band projet titled, "Bad Captain Swag."

The visually stunning video depicts a grim future ruled by robots, an Earth surrounded by broken down satellites and space shuttles with a massive digital sign in orbit reading, "Buy Swag - Feel Fear - Feel Guilt."

On the production of the video, Sole told HuffPost:

The video is a collaboration with game designers from Ubisoft and Insomniac games who worked on titles such as the official American Army video game and many Tom Clancey titles. Together we set out to create a virtual world a thousand or so years in a future ruled by robots and corporations... a true "society of the spectacle." Crazy shouts out to Keith Kadera and Randy Greeback for putting serious work in on what became an epic.

The song, premiering today on MTV's Iggy website, features beats by the Skyrider Band, rhymes by Sole and the Based God himself, Lil B, and singing by Denver electronic artist and HuffPost blogger Pictureplane.

Check out our recent interview with Sole here or visit Sole & The Skyrider Band's Facebook page for the latest from the band. Listen to Sole And The Skyrider Band's most recent EP, "The Challenger" here.