02/08/2012 12:00 pm ET

Grandparents Sing '18 Year Old Birthday Blues' For Grandson Josh (VIDEO)

Forget the lame birthday card. When Grandma and Grandpa Nelson wish their grandson Josh a happy birthday, they do it in style.

And this year the vibrant duo decided to break it down with a jazzy tune titled "18 Year Old Birthday Blues."

Decked out in his snazzy sunglasses, Grandpa takes to the keyboard and belts out some raspy lyrics about pizza toppings and the future, and Grandma...well, Grandma dances. A lot.

But of course, the song wouldn't be complete without some wise life advice.

"Here's some advice we have for you: Think less about dont's; think more about do's," he sings.

As the song comes to an end, Grandma looks into the camera and declares only one thing: "Oh, this is going to be bad."

Sure, Josh might be a bit embarrassed thousands watched his grandparents break it down on YouTube, but the exuberant pair have sure made their way into our hearts much like the adorable Oregon couple who unexpectedly became online sensations when they tried to figure out their webcam.