02/08/2012 11:31 am ET Updated Feb 08, 2012

I Was A Dirty Show Model

Blame it on the jaded media culture of my generation, but when someone asks me about posing nude for several photos featured in The Dirty Show I just don't see what the big deal is. It's just skin, and all the naughty bits are covered. Besides, I'm the girl who showed up to Theatre Bizarre as Leeloo from The Fifth Element one year and Ariel the Little Mermaid another — clearly I have no qualms about showing a little skin.

And yet people gasp when I shrug. You see five-and-a-half feet of bare flesh; I see a need to lay off the pizza for a few days. (Ideally doing so without falling into the stereotypical "girl who thinks she's fat" categorization -- I'm just keeping it real here; I'm healthy and I don't like missing meals.)

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