02/08/2012 07:34 pm ET

Jeremy Lin NMA TV Video: Knicks Point Guard Covered By Taiwanese News Organization (VIDEO)

Jeremy Lin has arrived. No, we're not referring to the serious talks about him permanently earning the starting spot at point guard for the Knicks. Given the choices available to Mike D'Antoni on Seventh Avenue, it's practically Lin's job lose. Instead, the biggest sign that the second-year player has officially exploded onto the scene is being featured in an NMA TV Youtube video.

NMA TV, the Taiwanese news organization that often dramatizes American news via outlandish animated vignettes, has put the spotlight on Taiwanese-American NBA player Jeremy Lin, who has exploded on the scene for the Knicks the last couple of games. Lin, who was relegated to the Knicks' bench at the start of the season, was given his first significant playing time with the club on Saturday against the Nets and he responded by leading the team in scoring with 25 points. He followed up that performance on Monday by once again leading the Knicks in scoring against the Utah Jazz by notching 28 points in a 99-88 victory.

NMA attempted to capture the essence of what's being called "Linsanity" in their video, and managed to be, in typical fashion, hilariously over the top while doing so.

We're unsure if Lin will be able to maintain the torrid scoring pace he has set for himself going forward, but we do think that if he does, this definitely won't be the last NMA TV video that will be dedicated to him this year.