02/08/2012 06:47 am ET Updated Feb 08, 2012

Damon Wayans Jr. On The Perks Of Growing Up With A Famous Father (VIDEO)

Damon Wayans Jr. -- son of comedic legend Damon Wayans and scion of the extended Wayans clan -- explained on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (Weeknights, 12 a.m. EST on ABC) how the children of famous parents get to spend a lot of time with other famous people too.

For instance, his dad used to do stand-up with his "Earth Girls Are Easy" co-star -- and future megastar -- Jim Carrey, so Carrey spent a lot of time at the house.

Being the zany comedian he is, Carrey found numerous hilarious ways to surprise the Wayans when they returned home.

"One time we pulled up to the house to park and Jim Carrey falls out of the tree onto our windshield ... no shirt on, and just slides down."

Less nerve-wracking perhaps was their next-door neighbor, NBA superstar Michael Jordan, who also used to drop by.

Sounding every inch the over-privileged kid, Wayans remembers thinking "Dude, I'm about to play with Michael Jordan, on my basketball court, he's gonna let me win!"

However, it turned out that the super-competitive Jordan didn't let him win after all. Having a famous dad only gets you so far.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs Weeknights at 12 a.m. EST on ABC.

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