02/08/2012 03:18 pm ET Updated Feb 08, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando Releases Two Rescued Manatees Back Into Natural Habitat (WATCH)

SeaWorld Orlando released two rescued manatees on Tuesday after saving both from succumbing to cold stress in winter 2011.

Mud Puppy, a manatee weighing 765 pounds, was found in the Indian River in January 2011. The other manatee, named Bodacious and weighing 800 pounds, was rescued from the San Sebastian River last February.

As part their rehabilitation, the manatees received antibiotics and were tube-fed fluids to keep hydrated.

Michelle Davis, senior veterinarian at SeaWorld Orlando, says "Bodacious and Mud Puppy have been doing great for several months. They are very active. They're eating well. They're in great condition."

Mud Puppy and Bodacious were released at Satellite Beach, into a canal off the Banana River, a warm-water site.

Davis explains "We placed some markings on Bodacious and Mud Puppy, on their backs, with some non-toxic paint so that we can follow them from above when they're underwater and we can tell where they're going and who's who.

"They also have transponders under their skin," Davis continues, "so they can be tracked so if they were to need to be rescued again we could identify who they are."

Although some manatees flock to warmer waters during cold snaps, not all manage to find relief from the weather.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that in 2011, 112 manatees died from freezing temperatures.

Click below to see photos of Mud Puppy and Bodacious being re-released into their natural habitat: