02/08/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Feb 09, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts: Rose Oil Products She Will Love

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, time is running out to find the perfect gift that your sweetheart will love.

If you're running short on ideas, consider one of the products below made with rose oil. Rose oil is an essential oil made from the petals of rose flowers.

In addition to smelling great, some have argued that rose oil can provide health benefits. In addition to being an astringent, it has also been suggested that rose oil is an anti-depressant and an aphrodisiac.

Whether or not these are placebo effects, rose oil is still an interesting compound. HuffPost blogger Haley Alexander van Oosten writes, "There are over 300 natural chemical constituents in a natural rose oil. It is complex and full of mystery; some of its constituents not only have no discernible smell, they are unidentifiable by scientists."

List and images courtesy of Kim Wallace and Organic Spa Magazine.

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