02/09/2012 05:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Halle Berry 'Dark Tide' Poster Centers On Awful Bikini Top (PHOTO, VIDEO)

If you've been slacking on your Halle Berry beat like we have, you probably were unaware that she is starring in an upcoming film called "Dark Tide."

From the trailer (below), we get the gist: intrepid diver, blood-thirsty shark, big storm, lots of screaming. But one look at the newly released movie poster and all we can focus on is that bikini top.

Halle's Rorschach Test of a bathing suit is front and center, dwarfing co-star (and fiance) Olivier Martinez's head. It's like the blue flowers -- or faceless blue Care Bears, because that's what they look like to us -- are the star of the movie, with Halle and Olivier just supporting actors.

And while there are some bathing suits we'd pay to see, this is not one of them.

Check it out below. Are you as turned off by this swimsuit as we are?