02/09/2012 06:08 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2012

'Hot In Cleveland': Elka Tries To Get A Piece Of Justin Bieber's Hair (VIDEO)

Huey Lewis was in the news on "Hot in Cleveland" (Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TV Land) as his rock star character was back in Cleveland to record an all-star charity single with his estranged musical partner, and a ton of other musicians like Justin Bieber. Bieber wasn't seen on camera, but that didn't stop Elka from trying to get her hands on his hair for her own charity.

Victoria was excited to see Johnny Revere (Lewis) as she thought they could rekindle their romance. She got jealous when she found out he was engaged to marry a 22-year old back-up singer. So she tried to make Johnny jealous by pretending to start a relationship with his old partner. Unfortunately, the guy was a drunken wreck, leaving Victoria to play both parts in their make-out sessions.

That was still better than Melanie thinking she was making out with David Gates from the band Bread, only it was another guy entirely named David Gates. Meanwhile, Joy was trying to make her own musical dreams come true by posing as one of the performers in the song, only she couldn't hit the high notes.

In the end, Johnny realized he wanted Victoria, so they got their happy ending. Johnny's old bandmate was all broken up, so Elka gave him a shoulder to cry on. Then, after verifying that he was famous, she took a clipping of his hair for her animal charity.

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