02/09/2012 10:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tavi Packs For 2012 Fashion Week, Adorably (VIDEO)

This is Tavi Gevinson's seventh Fashion Week.


But though it's tempting for those of us who aren't 15-year-old blogging wunderkinds to feel pangs of jealousy watching this New York magazine video of Tavi explaining that she's gotten "used" to packing for her annual sojourn to see the hottest fashion shows in person, you can't help but love her (and her adorable packing job).

"I usually pack the night before and then I'm up super late," Tavi sighs as she kneels over a suitcase in her Chicago bedroom, after declaring that it was a huge bummer when she left New York after her first Fashion Week in 2009 and then "had to go back to middle school." Obvs.

Tavi, who's adding a short film to her already-impressive resume, is a perennial mainstay at New York Fashion Week, nabbing front row real estate at A-list shows and throwing interesting parties of her own.

Watch below to see the amazing clothes Tavi's bringing to the East Coast with her, and click over to NY Mag to read more about Tavi's special musical plans (!) for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.