02/10/2012 02:56 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2012

Antwan Burrus Buzzer Beater: Liberty Center Hits Three Pointer To Win Game (VIDEO)

If Antwan Burrus of Liberty University doesn't shoot another three pointer this season, he'll have bragging right over the NCAA's top long-distance marksmen.

The reason for this? Burrus has attempted just one three-point shot this season, which he made. And it was a big one.

With his team trailing by three points to College of Charleston and only 1.4 seconds remaining in the game, the burly junior forward caught a desperate pass just beyond halfcourt line, took a dribble and let loose just the second three-point attempt of his college career.

Swish. Game over.

Following the make, the team went crazy with celebration, announcer included, and for good reason.

"When he didn't jump to block it, I knew it had a chance," Burrus said. "When it went in, it was kind of unreal."

On the whole, the win probably doesn't have much effect of Liberty's season, which, with the team holding a 10-16 record overall, is pretty much over. But regardless, the school that is Jerry Falwell's pride and joy will take the exciting win none the less.