02/10/2012 05:59 pm ET

Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

Although much of the U.S. remains fairly warm, cold weather continued to plague Europe this week. Death tolls rose into the hundreds as countries struggled to deal with bitter temperatures.

In Turkey, the cold weather has been "making life miserable" for over 140,000 residents "who are still living in tents or temporary shelters," after an earthquake four months ago, according to the Associated Press.

Sadly, a mother in Queensland, Australia died after attempting to rescue her seven-year-old son from floodwaters.

New data from NOAA shows that January 2012 was the fourth warmest on record for the contiguous U.S., while parts of Alaska experience record cold.

Some Americans may enjoy the warmer winter temperatures, but there is a downside. According to OurAmazingPlanet, warmer temperatures may lead to larger insect populations earlier in the summer.

Although unrelated to weather, Italy's Mount Etna erupted this week with a stunning display of lava bursts that were caught on video.

Below, check out some of the wildest and coolest weather photos from around the world this week.

Extreme Weather Of The Week 2/10/12