02/10/2012 03:48 pm ET

Russian Street Artist Pavel 183 Is Compared To Britain's Banksy (VIDEO)

"Aggressive. Defiant. Surprising... and invariably witty," says the BBC commentator in the video above about Pavel 183, the mysterious Russian artist who is now being called "Russia's Banksy."

Pavel 183 took the BBC on a tour of his illegal outdoor gallery. Wearing a balaclava, the street artist explains, "I don't like a lot of things in Russian politics, in the politics of Putin." Watch the video to see the artist in action as he stencils political messages on the pavement or spray paints figures on abandoned concrete slabs. His large-scale work is hard to ignore. You can see more images of the provocative artist's work over at Laughing Squid here.

What do you think, readers? Does Pavel 183's work compare to Banksy's?