Shit REAL Chicagoans Said: Blues Brothers, Mayor Daley & More (VIDEO)

Yes, we know. You are tired of the "Shit so and so Says" meme. We are too. But we swear this video will make any Chicago native or transplant really happy.

Travis Rime Brooks of Crankstrap Productions notified us of his "Shit Chicagoans Said" video Friday, and we kind of fell in love. The video mashes up dozens of other YouTube videos featuring notable Chicagoans (or those who play Chicagoans in some of our favorite movies).

From Mayor Daley's infamous "cuckoo" comment about Rod Blagojevich to the glory days of the Chicago Bulls, this video has it all. Check out a full list of all the people and clips featured in the video here.

Watch it above and let us know what you think.