02/10/2012 01:31 pm ET

'Soup Movement' Brings Local Donors Together To Fund Community Projects

Gathering around a bowl of soup never warmed so many souls.

Communities around the country are organizing local soup gatherings for local good. This "Soup Movement" brings together friends and neighbors, who all bring a modest donation -- usually about $5 -- as fuel to share ideas to tackle social change in their communities, NPR reports.

The news outlet cites examples such as funding proposals that have been submitted by local artisans or shop owners who want to continue their community-driven work. FEAST in Brooklyn, N.Y., for example, has given out more than $17,000 in local grants.

Lloyd Piehl and Heather Renner, both Grand Prairie, Tex., residents, got wind of the idea and worked to spread the word in their community, the Daily Herald Tribune reports. Their organization, GPSoup, asks for a $10 donation and can of soup per attendant.

Piehl, who is new to the city, is excited about meeting people. He's also excited to fund new ideas for the community.

“Ingenuity is a big part of this," Piehl told the news source, "because honestly, $500 or $1,000 is not Earth-changing, but with a really good idea, it could be.”

Feeling inspired? Check out NPR's full story for even more organizations bringing the "Soup Movement" to their communities.