02/13/2012 05:15 pm ET

Thomas Mills, 74-Year-Old Man, Arrested For Prostitution

If 50 is the new 30, then perhaps 74 is the new age when it's appropriate to get arrested for prostitution.

The Smoking Gun reports that retiree Thomas Mills was arrested for prostitution, first offense, after he allegedly offered to perform oral sex on two undercover police officers in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

A police report obtained by The Smoking Gun said Mills first flashed his car headlights to get the officers' attention. He then "asked about the size of the U/C officers genitals, asking to see them."

Mills then allegedly offered to give and receive oral sex from the officers.

According to the Myrtle Beach Sun News, officers also reported that Mills said he had a friend that would join them, were they to engage with him in sexual acts.

Mills isn't the only male senior-citizen to be booked for prostitution and make headlines in the process. In fact, he's not even the oldest to do so.

In November, Ben Clifford Dawson, an 83-year-old Centerville, Iowa, city council candidate was arrested for the same offense.

Dawson allegedly told Melissa Drew that he'd reduce the amount of money she owed him if he could perform unspecified sexual acts on her, a police report said. Chief of Police Tom Demry told The Huffington Post at the time that the law doesn't distinguish between johns and hookers.



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