02/13/2012 05:18 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2012

Adele Talks About Her Throat Surgery And Sings For Anderson Cooper On '60 Minutes' (VIDEO)

A mere hours before Adele would cap off a stellar night at the Grammys with a Best Album win for her "21" release, the singer was a special guest of Anderson Cooper on "60 Minutes" (Sun., 7 p.m. EST on CBS). While the Grammys was her big public return to the spotlight after reluctantly going in for throat surgery in November, she gave Cooper and his viewers a sneak peek of how well she's recovered.

She described the moment her voice went wrong, which unfortunately happened live on the radio in Paris. "It was literally like someone switched a click off in my throat; my voice went so much deeper," she said. "I felt like something popped in my throat." But all of that is in the past, as Adele proved by breaking into an a cappella version of "Someone Like You," sounding as pure and soulful vocally as she ever has.

Adele announced in November that she was undergoing the laser microsurgery to prevent damaging her voice, but there were still those that feared she might. Putting everyone's fears to rest, Adele performed her Grammy-nominated number one single "Rolling in the Deep" at the Grammy Awards and received an incredibly long standing ovation after the performance. It was only one moving moment for the singer, who took home all six trophies for which she was nominated, garnering the most wins on the night. It was with tears the she accepted that final award of the night, confirming that she was not only back, but back on top.

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