02/13/2012 06:46 am ET Updated Apr 14, 2012

'Californication': Hank Remembers When He And Karen First Moved To California (VIDEO)

When Samurai tasked Hank with helping Kali pen the lyrics to a love song, he balked at first. After all, he writes books which is a very different creature. But Samurai can be very persuasive, so Hank acquiesced. It's not like he wouldn't enjoy spending more time with Kali. They're non-relationship has created plenty of heat this season on "Californication" (Sun., 10:30 p.m. EST on Showtime).

But when it came time to write the song, Hank had Kali channeling some of the deep emotional experiences that led to her abandoning a man who'd just proposed to her in New York to follow her dreams to LA. And then, fans were treated to a black and white look back to when Hank and Karen were mulling that same decision.

Here was a Hank Moody who was committed to his relationship with Karen, though he was obviously sending some different signals out to the women he met. What his mind and mouth said must not have been reciprocated through his eyes and body language. Nevertheless, he stayed true to his word in what must have been his first time with a professional throwing herself at him. He told Karen he only wanted to Californicate with her, but he also said that people are who they are, so the cheater must have been in him the whole time.

Their love is something that hasn't changed either. Hank has never stopped loving Karen, and she seems to have only attempted to replace him or otherwise ignore her feelings. But when her marriage hit a troubled spot, it was Hank she ran to. And after spilling her guts to him in a torrent of emotion, it was his arms she wrapped herself into. This shouldn't make things complicated at all.

Find out how bad it gets as "Californication" continues Sundays at 10:30 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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