02/13/2012 04:10 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2012

'Modern Man': Couple Discovers Depths Of Male iPhone Addiction (VIDEO)

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It's getting pretty hard to go through the day without finding a reason (or excuse) to use our mobile devices. Where are we going? Use a map application. What are we doing there? Find reviews of it. Who are we doing it with? One word: Facebook. And with all the downtime in between using applications, there's Twitter and email.

Austin-based comedian/filmmakers John Merriman and Kerri Lendo, who you might remember from their previous short "Sleep Study," poke fun at our growing iPhone dependency in their new very funny short, "Modern Man." Merriman and Lendo play a couple whose plans are totally controlled by Merriman's iPhone, to the point that "connecting ideas" and "analyzing thoughts" are handicapped by the fact that there's an electronic device that can do all that for him... and more. And that's before funny videos enter the equation.

In conclusion, this Internet video is very good and funny, but what's even more good and funny is spending time with your loved ones. LOL!