02/15/2012 08:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rebecca Ward's Crazy Tape Creations (PHOTOS)

Usually tape is used to connect surface A to surface B. But Brooklyn based artist Rebecca Ward lets tape's image hold supreme importance, bringing a new electricity to electric tape.

On her website Ward cheekily quotes the dense theorist and semiotician Roland Barthes' description of detergent: "What matters is the art of having disguised the abrasive function of the detergent under the delicious image of a substance at once deep and airy which can govern the molecular order of the material without damaging it." (Sure, what he said...)

Privileging form over function, Ward's tape takes the gallery space by storm. Instead of sticking surface A to surface B, Ward has our eyes stuck on her works. Watch her work her magic with tape in some of the images below. (Editor's note: We also tacked on a Cheeto-like soft sculpture at the end simply because we want to bury our faces in it. Can you blame us, really?)

the triangle, duct tape and gaffer's tape

rip and pull, electrical tape

stella was right, electrical tape

komondor, fabric on panel