02/13/2012 11:00 pm ET

'Smash' Reactions: Did The Right Actress Get The Part Of Marilyn? Will She Keep It?

Did you watch Episode 2 of "Smash"? Are you freaking out just a little bit, or do you think the right actress got the part?

[Note: If you haven't watched yet, spoilers ahead!]

Team Ivy and Team Karen fans are likely a little shocked at how everything went down, and how quickly we found out who got the lead in "Marilyn: The Musical." But, according to the show's stars, it may be Ivy's part to lose.

Jack Davenport, who plays "Marilyn" director Derek Wills, laughed about his character bedding his new leading lady: "Well yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth. [Laughs.] It's a good relationship." And star Megan Hilty admitted that Ivy was using the Marilyn method between the sheets. "She was channeling a little bit. She's one of those actresses -- and I'm kind of this way, though I don't think I'm as crazy about it -- that totally immerses herself in the role."

But just because Ivy is sleeping with the boss doesn't mean it's all rainbows and roses. Plus, Karen is obviously in no way out of the picture. "There are so many other things that we will be competing for," Hilty teased. "And just like it is in reality when you do these big shows, it doesn't matter who gets it initially because things change and people get replaced like that. [Snaps.] And that's just the reality of the business."

Davenport agreed: "I think one of the great strengths of the show is, obviously, the dramatic possibilities, just in terms of good old-fashioned plot twists, are endless. This is a work in progress, and nothing is set in stone. We'll keep you guessing."

Jaime Cepero, who plays Tom's (Christian Borle) assistant Ellis, will have his own scheming ways revealed soon. He's happy the show is highlighting the more cutthroat side of Broadway. "That's kind of how Broadway shows work. You can be cast in the workshop, and then, next thing you know, they've brought somebody else in to play your role," Cepero said. "Then, by the time it gets to Broadway, somebody else is playing the role, or they get a movie star to play the role ... I'm really excited that the show is showing that aspect of Broadway, because I don't think people really understand how tough it is for us to go in there and audition for a role, and then how easily it can be taken away."

Raza Jaffrey, who plays Karen's better half Dev, loves that it wasn't the obvious choice right off the bat. "Like the Uma Thurman character coming in means whoever's got it doesn't necessarily have it for long ... and I'm really glad that they've made it complicated. And I kind of knew they wouldn't just make it the obvious choice -- I knew they'd throw some curveballs," Jaffrey said. "People you meet who've seen the trailer or the pilot, they're all convinced that, of course, it's Karen who's got it. No question! And you're like, 'Well OK, let's see in Episode 2 what you think.' Megan has done such a brilliant job as well of making Ivy such an attractive character in her desperation. As the series goes on, it'd be very easy to kind of caricature that kind of grasping actress, and she really doesn't. You feel for Ivy, and there's pain in there. And you feel for Karen as well."

Who are you rooting for? And how do you think it'll end up this season? Share your own "Smash" casting thoughts in the comments.