02/13/2012 04:19 pm ET

Stefano Baldamus, Waiter, Receives Surprise Scholarship From Restaurant

Every year, the Rathskeller Restaurant and Bar in Southbury, Conn., donates the money it makes during the Super Bowl to charity.

This year, they decided to gift the money a little closer home.

Stefano Baldamus, 19, is a waiter at the restaurant. He's also a student with another part-time job. Baldamus pays for his own car, tuition and rent. Because of his hard work and humble attitude, the restaurant decided to give Baldamus the money it made as a scholarship, reports.

"We decided that he's well worth giving the scholarship ... because he is working a few jobs, and asking for no help anywhere," Janet Antilla of Rathskeller Restaurant and Bar, told WTNH.

Customers have continued donating to Baldamus's fund, reports, and so far the donation is at $1000.