02/15/2012 01:22 pm ET

Malachy, Westminster Best In Show, Visits 'Morning Joe' (VIDEO)

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Malachy the Pekingese, the winner of the 2012 Westminster Dog Show, stopped by the set of "Morning Joe" on Wednesday morning.

The poofy pom-pom of a specimen won best in show at the legendary competition on Tuesday night. Co-host Mika Brzezsinki and contributor Donny Deutsch sat down with Malachy's handler David Fitzpatrick and David Frei of the Westminster Kennel Club the next day.

Brzezinski joked that she was "transfixed" by the dog's special hair spray and "a little jealous that Malachy has a nicer hairspray than I do." She wanted to know what distinguished the Pekingese as the winner. Fitzpatrick explained that he won best in show because he "exemplifies the breed standard," according to the judges' rubric.

"How much does appearance count?" Brzezinski asked. The answer, according to Fitzpatrick, is a great deal. "They have to look good or else they don't have a chance," he explained.

Brzezinski grew more taken with Malachy as the segment went on. She called him a "nice dog" at the beginning, but had declared him "so cute" and "like a pillow" by the end.


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