02/15/2012 12:33 pm ET

Puppy Conan And Puppy Lady Gaga Put On Best Puppy Talk Show Ever (VIDEO)

Name one thing that wouldn't be improved by the addition of puppies. Can't do it, can you? Conan O'Brien felt the same way, going so far as to introduce a new version of his talk show where all the people are replaced by puppies. On Tuesday, Puppy Conan welcomed Puppy Lady Gaga to his puppy talk show, and the awws were heard across America.

Inspired by The Puppy Bowl, Conan unveiled "Puppy Conan" on Monday with a miniature replica of his set with a puppy desk for Puppy Conan to sit behind. Puppy Andy joined him (although the animal lover Human Andy Richter noticed that Puppy Andy's wig was getting in the way, and removed it for his canine counterpart). Puppy La Bamba joined the fun, too.

But the guest of honor was Puppy Lady Gaga, carried out in a glass cage by a bunch of shirtless male servants. Why, Puppy Lady Gaga is probably so subversive, we bet that she even is friends with cats.

Number of times the word "puppy" appears in this post: 17.