02/15/2012 02:43 pm ET Updated Feb 15, 2012

'Revenge' Scoop: The Cast Teases The Explosive Fire & Ice Party

This is it, "Revenge" fans: The episode we've all been waiting for. Since the show's premiere back in September 2011, with it's very teaser-y preview of what's to come, there have been some huge questions. And now, we'll finally get answers.

In "Chaos" (Wed., Feb. 15, 10 p.m. EST on ABC), we get to see what really happens at Daniel and Emily's Fire & Ice engagement party. We know there are gunshots, and we've seen Daniel Grayson fall to the sand, but how it all goes down is such a fantastically twisted puzzle.

I caught up with the cast after screening this insane, edge-of-your-seat episode to discuss all that happens in "Chaos." And believe me ... a lot happens. Keep reading for some scoop, but warning, spoilers ahead!

"This is it, kids. You like the show, right? Well then this is the one you've gotta see," Nick Weschler (Jack Porter) said. "You saw the pilot, you like the show ... we've been building up to this all season. You are about to find out who and how and why. This is not the episode to miss."

Gabriel Mann, who plays the scheming Nolan Ross, agreed. "We are teasing this, to take it very heavy and intellectual, as the Rashomon Fire & Ice Ball. For the layperson," he starts with a laugh, "that implies that we show the story that you all have seen in the pilot, except we now see all the angles and offscreen and backstage that we didn't see before. It's everything you've seen, but with a very fresh take on it. Some of the same shots, interspersed with new stuff. It's kind of like adding the seventh layer on the cake -- it's already sweet and yummy, but this makes it even more delicious."

Josh Bowman, who plays the (possibly) ill-fated Daniel Grayson, said: "It's going to be a freaking 'Revenge' fest ... It's a crazy episode ... phenomenally directed and very well-acted by the rest of the cast. We're all really close now, so to see that chemistry all coming to life, that's what's making the show. Fans should expect to see fireworks. Literally."

Henry Czerny, who plays Conrad Grayson, teased what the episode's closure will bring. "Because it is the episode that harkens back to the pilot, there's a sense of closure, but in that closure there is a blossoming, poisonous flower. And each petal -- if we're going with the flower theme -- has a deeper color to it."

Christa B. Allen (Charlotte Grayson) agreed that knowing now what they didn't know back then made shooting this episode even more fun. "We got the chance to play that facet of the scene which, as an actor, is such a toy to play with," Allen said. "You kind of go back and look at the pilot, and there's little glances the characters will give each other, and you didn't know what it meant at the time, but now, it fits."

"It's such a cool idea," Wechsler said. "It's a common storytelling device, but I love the way we did it. I think [creator] Mike Kelley said something like, 'Its components aren't new, but it's how we do it that is.' The destination is common; it's how we get there that is uncommon. I was excited, even as a viewer, to see this stuff. It's like little Easter eggs and bonuses for fans."

And Connor Paolo (Declan Porter) added that, with this episode, "everything's been justified, which is unbelievable."

Tell us: Are you excited to see what really goes down at the Fire & Ice ball? And what do you think is next?