02/15/2012 12:42 pm ET Updated Feb 15, 2012

Sad Bulldog Cries While Listening To Adele (VIDEO)

We had no idea that the newest, most effective, way to deal with a bad breakup had gone interspecial. Forget the six Grammys and inspiring performance, this is something Adele should truly be proud of.

According to the video, Rocco is usually a "very happy dog," but on this particular day he seemed depressed.

To help him get in touch with his emotions, his owner turned on Adele's weep-inducing ballad "Someone Like You," while the pup stared at himself in a mirror.

And, while his musically-timed howls are endearing and make us want to give him a hug, they still beg the question: Why so glum, Rocco?

It seems like bulldogs everywhere are getting in touch with their softer sides.

Last week, Baby, a French bulldog, adopted six wild boar piglets after they were rescued and brought to the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin.

Sanctuary worker Norbert Damm told the Guardian that Baby ran over and snuggled the shivery piglets to keep them warm even though they were almost as big as her.

Rocco seems to have a loving home despite his momentary depression, but if you'd like to help other sad dogs in need, visit Petfinder.com.